6 Fanola Products You Shouldn't Go Without This Summer

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No Orange Mask 350ml


                                                 What It Is: Anti-Orange deep conditioning mask with blue pigment

                                                 What It Does: Detangles nourishes and hydrates, neutralizing undesired brassy tones.






Smooth Care Serum

                                                     What It Is: Smoothing Serum enriched in Linseed Oil that helps protect the strands of                                                        the hair from heat damage.

                                                What It Does: Insulates hair with protective film and mitigates the effects of heat by                                                           helping your hair maintain moisture.




Nutri Care Shampoo 1000ml


                                                 What It Is: It's a specially formulated shampoo enriched with milk proteins.                                                                            Formulated for: dry, frizzy, & treated hair.

                                                 What It Does: Hydrates & nourishes dry, weak, & stressed hair, making it soft & healthy.






Oro Therapy Color Shine Mask in Lavender


                                                   What It Is: Brightening color mask for naturally fair, bleached and super-lightened                                                              hair, enriched with micro-active gold, keratin and argan oil.


                                                   What It Does: Rebuilds the structure of the hair and protects from damage while                                                                moisturizing the strands to make them smooth, brings out the color and shine.





Rebalance Anti-Grease Shampoo 1000ml


                                                                   What It Is: Anti-grease shampoo enriched with surfactant agents, citric acid, and                                                                 wheat protein that helps to remove built-up oil from the scalp.

                                                   What It Does: Removes the build-up of sebum, leaving hair full of shine and life, while                                                        the re-balancing action helps purify the scalp.





Frequent Multi-Vitaminic Mask 1000ml

                                                                   What It Is: Strong, deep conditioning mask enriched in olive oil and garlic extract.

                                                   What It Does: Protects hair from further damage, and acts as an intense conditioner                                                          to make hair healthy and glistening.