James Miju is the Artistic Director of Fanola, which means his vision is Fanola’s vision. The art he creates with color and cut go beyond skill and talent. He pushes for the unique that will breathe new life into the hair art community, and as a teacher he infects new artists with the desire and ability to continue pushing at those borders.


James had an early obsession with hair style and fashion. As an LA native, he was constantly exposed to a wealth of high priced, beautiful fashion that was just beyond his reach. At the time he even couldn’t afford to get his hair styled, so when he was young he learned how to do it himself. He began styling hair in a salon at 16 and has since beaten out a unique path for himself in fashion and hair art.


He had a rough start in his artistic pursuits. The world isn’t always kind to men who seek to express themselves in clothes and hair. James had to push through years of being misunderstood to keep pursuing what he loved, but he managed to find his voice in fashion in spite of everything. He started a fashion blog and began improving his photography while he honed his hair styling in places like the Salon Republic.


Over the years, the world took notice of the expert work coming from this young artist. People started lining up for his chair for months in advance and other stylists poured over his Instagram for inspiration. So in 2016 he decided to push out and open Mijuvan Salon in LA. Before Mijuvan was even a year old, it drew nationwide respect as it produced some of the most innovative and cutting edge work coming out of California. He’s doing triple time there now as an owner, an artist, and a mentor to new brilliant stylists coming into the industry.


James has become all of this in the midst of his 20s. He is a rising leader and visionary in hair styling who does not believe in boundaries, and he’s bringing the community with him on his journey toward the beautiful unknown. With James Miju’s passion and drive at its head, Fanola’s artistic future is in good hands.



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