Her earliest experience in hair styling was cutting hair on dolls around age seven. In middle school Josie moved up to dying her friend’s hair, and that original passion never left her. She continued to learn and feed that passion before  finally attending Marvel Beauty School in Toronto, and now she’s probably one of the most active colorists in both Canada and the US.


She started her career as a licensed stylist by becoming an independent contractor back in 2008. She was quick to collaborate and learn with her peers, establishing a reputation for being not only very fast, but incredibly knowledgeable when it came to coloring. Her work drew more and more attention over time both on social media and in editorials. She has won three Canadian hair style awards and became the Senior stylist at the Elan Hair Studio, but that was only the beginning.

Her career has since climbed steeply into teaching and running her own business. She’s now the owner of the Hairology Salon in Winnipeg, a primary educator and stylist at Wink Studio, and regularly travels to run workshops and collaborate with her hair artist contemporaries, all while seeking out other artists to encourage and learn from. Her goal as a hair artist is always to inspire and be inspired.



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