Get all three steps to Fanola's bond fixer treatment to get the most out of your hair color formulas. This package includes the bond fixer cream which starts the process off by rebuilding and repairing the fibers of the hair through natural chemical bonds. Fanola's sealing cream reinforces the structure with a layer of product that helps hair keep its health, shape, and color. And finally, the shampoo is designed to clean colored hair without destroying the natural oils and completely tearing apart the bonds the hold the hair together. This is the full arsenal you'll always need at your disposal to get your hair colors to come out healthy and vibrant.


  • Begins chemical bonding process in hair

  • Reduces damage done by hair color and bleach

  • Seal hair fiber bonds

  • Repairs damage done by harsh chemicals and hot tools

  • Strengthening shampoo for colored hair

  • Keeps chemical bonds in hair strands strong


  • Fiber Fix Bond Fixer

  • Fiber Fix Bond Connector

  • Fiber Fix Fiber Shampoo