Eva Lam took an indirect journey to hair art. She graduated from  Simon Fraser University with a business degree, and studied graphic design at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. She’s even worked professionally as a graphic artist. During that time, though, she was also studying hair. Over the years, she realized she wasn’t happy with what she was doing, so she directed her artistic mind more toward hair styling.


Eva did not step lightly into hair art. She seized it and made it her own, first by putting long, hard hours into learning everything she could about styling and coloring. Over the course of her early career she worked at high end salons like Toni & Guy and Bambu. During this time she developed her technique and aesthetic along with a frustration with the superficial way people tended to think of hair styling. She started experimenting with a phrase: “Fuck Bad Hair.” This phrase became a philosophy that turned into a brand. Something that stood for being honest about what you want and how you feel, what Eva Lam would call “solidifying the most authentic version of yourself.”

Eva Lam is now the founder and artist director of the Fuck Bad Hair brand, as well as the head stylist of its salon in Vancouver. She is, above all, concerned with creating hair art that she loves and believes in, and encouraging other artists to do the same. For her, if you’re not excited about something you’re doing, you shouldn’t be doing it.



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